The Importance of Lightweight Bikes for Kids

The Importance of Lightweight Bikes for Kids

The process of buying your child’s first bike can be very exciting. Cycling is enjoyable and gives kids a sense of freedom. But it is particularly important that you choose wisely. After all, comfort and safety are paramount when it comes to picking a suitable kids’ bike. The experts at Woom believe that lightweight kids’ bikes are the best option. But why is this? Is it for safety, or for performance? 

The Benefits of Lightweight Bikes

A child’s first bike should be something that provides fun and enjoyment.Let’s face it, a heavy bike that they cannot control is not going to be a fun experience. It is difficult for children to turn their bikes when they first start cycling, and it is often easier for them to stop and lift their bike to turn it in the opposite direction. Imagine how hard it would be for a child to have to continuously pick up a heavy bike to turn it. 

Furthermore, imagine the weight of a heavy bike on top of a child who has fallen. This would definitely not be an enjoyable experience. A lightweight bike for kids is much easier to manage and control, especially for younger children. 

Lightweight bikes are also beneficial for parents. When you are taking your child out to learn to cycle, you are likely going to have to carry the bike until they get the hang of it. A kid’s bike with a lightweight aluminum frame is going to be much easier to carry about, especially if you are allowing your child to cycle to nursery or school and are then taking the bike home with you. 

What Makes a Kids’ Bike Lightweight?

Lightweight bikes are much more suitable for children because they are easier to lift and turn. But in order for a child-sized bike to be lightweight, a lot of work goes into it. The frame is typically made from an aluminum alloy, which is lighter than a steel frame. However, because other parts of a bike weigh the same whether they are for an adult or a children’s bike, it can be harder to ensure that a smaller bike is light and maneuverable. 

It is worth mentioning that lightweight steel bikes are available, but these are much more expensive than aluminum bikes. You will notice the difference between a steel and an aluminum frame kid’s bike. If the aluminum bike is more expensive, the steel bike has likely been made from cheaper steel, which tends to be heavier. The aluminum bike will be lighter and is a much better choice for kids. 

Is a Lightweight Bike Safe? 

Do not be fooled into thinking that lightweight bikes are not safe for your children. Just because they are made from a lighter material should not mean that they are not just as sturdy and safe as a steel bike. Lightweight bike frames are not made from pure aluminum as this would make the frame far too soft. They are combined with other metals to make them stronger and stiffer. 

Provided the frame has been made with high quality components, it will be completely safe for your child. Yes, the lightweight, higher quality bike may be slightly more expensive than a heavier steel bike, but your child will find it much easier to manage. 


According to all the experts, despite being slightly more expensive, lightweight bikes are the best choice for children. The lighter frame makes it easier for them to manage and makes teaching them to ride a bike much less stressful for parents.

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