What Is Palm Oil?

What Is Palm Oil?

Now there’s a good question. Palm oil is an amazing product that can be used for various purposes. In fact, Palm oil is being used for so many different purposes that it is the most widely used oil made from a vegetable in the entire world. Originally found in West-Africa, but planted in Indonesia and Malaysia. These countries provide more than 85 percent of the palm oil we all use daily. Every time you ask yourself; ‘what is palm oil, just think about the amazing products that are being made with palm oil. Like shampoo, cereal, peanut butter, croissants, lipstick, ice cream, detergent, bio diesel, cookies, instant noodles, chocolate and soap. The list could go on and on, but who has the time? What’s important to know is that Palm oil is a very environmentally friendly product. What is palm oil doing in all those negative messages about the environment, then?

Sustainable palm oil is the future

What is palm oil doing in stories that are connected to deforestation and endangered wildlife. The answer’s quite simple: While palm oil is very sustainable in itself, the humans who were making money by producing palm oil did not always have the planet’s best interests at heart. Deforestation and robbing endangered animals of their homes is simply not caused by palm oil. Greedy humans are the cause of all these bad decisions. The good news is that the media attention palm oil has gotten made sure that this problem has been solved. In fact, more than 86% of all palm oil nowadays is sustainable and ecofriendly. So what is palm oil, really? Palm oil is a vegetable oil with a great yield per hectare. Each hectare of oil palms produce 3,8 tons of palm oil. When you compare that to the yield of rapeseed oil (0,8 tons per hectare) or sunflower oil (0,5 tons per hectare), you could say that sustainable palm oil is the future!

Let’s save the planet!

The numbers don’t lie. And that is why palm oil can be used to actually save the planet. The more sustainable palm oil you use, the less soy, sunflower oil and other harmful oils will be used. That means that deforestation can finally be a nightmare of the past. Animals can once again enjoy their habitats without greedy humans chopping down trees and destroying their homes. What is palm oil going to do for the planet? With lesser hectares of farmland, there can be more room for forests. There are many humans in our world and they all need to be fed. More and more humans are being born daily and in the future, there will be a greater demand for food than there already is. Sustainable palm oil is the answer to provide all these humans with food, without destroying our beautiful planet. Just check the label of the products you buy to see if sustainable palm oil has been used in the production process.

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